Hospital address


Personnel Department call:0755-82220030

Reproductive emergency call:13823751226

Immune emergency call:15012939332

Address:No. 1001 Fuqiang Road, Futian Distric,Shenzhen

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From Hong Kong

一、By high-speed railway :

Take the high-speed railway from West Kowloon station to Futian Station for approximately 14 minutes, and then take a taxi to Shenzhen Zhongshan Urology Hospital for approximately 3 km

By taxi

Take a taxi from Futian Checkpoint or Huanggang Checkpoint to hospital for approximately 1.5 km

By Subway (not recommended):

1.take the subway from From Futian Checkpoint to Fumin Station(Line 4), get out at Exit B,then walk for about 900 meters

2.take the subway from from Huanggang Checkpoint to Fumin Station(Line 7), get out at Exit B, Walk for about 900 meters

By Bus (not recommended):

1.From Futian Checkpoint :Take the bus No. 52/ No. 26 to Union Square Station, then walk back for 40 meters .

2. From Futian Checkpoint :Take the bus M204 / F203 to Gaoxun Building Station,then walk forward for 100 meters .

3.From Huanggang Checkpoint : Take the bus No. 338 / M433/ No. 362/No. 313/No. 235/No. 26 to Union Plaza Station.then cross the bridge.

From Shenzhen

By subway:

1.get out at Gangxia station(Line 1) Exit D, walk towards Union Plaza, and cross the bridge

2.get out at Fumin station(Line 4 or Line 7) Exit B or Exit F, walk toward Gaoxun Building

By Bus(The closest bus stations are Union Plaza Station and Gaoxun Building Station):

1.take the bus No. 26/No. 52/ No. 73/No. 229/No. 235/ No. 337/No. 338/No. 372/ No. 382/ e26/e30/m463/ m511/ m519/m519 express/m520/n29/Dapeng holiday line No. 5/Peak Line 21/ Tourism Line 5/ Line 362 to Union Plaza Station

2.Take the bus( run towards to Binhe Avenue) No. 4/No. 26/ No. 52 /No. 73/No. 103 short-distance/ No. 103/No. 202/No. 203/No. 235/ No. 303/ No. 317/ No. 339/ No. 362/ No. 372/No. 377/No. 385/m370/m389/ m433/M476/ M511/ Peak Line 21/Peak Line 3 to Gaoxun Building Station