Qing Sun
Qing Sun

Name:Qing Sun
Department:Reproductive Department
Working years:
Technical specialty:blastocyst culture, assessment of embryo development potential, and detection of embryo functional markers

Personal profile

She is deputy Director of the Clinical Research Center on Reproductive Medicine and a member of the European and American Reproductive Medicine Association.

Business areas:

She is responsible for clinical and scientific research related to embryo culture room. Main research directions are as follows: 1. Noninvasive evaluation system for embryonic development potential: screening and detection of embryo functional markers; application of statistical models and machine learning models to construct an evaluation system for embryonic development potential of embryonic functional markers; clinical application of embryonic functional markers Evaluation of application value; 2. Gas signal molecules and embryo development: Fine signal regulation and mechanism of gas signal molecules on embryo development process; Effect of gas signal molecules on embryo development potential; Potential clinical application value of gas signal molecules; 3. Sperm Function and IVF-ET outcomes: The predictive value of semen parameters on IVF-ET outcomes; 4. Optimization of the embryo culture system.

Academic Achievements:

She is currently chairing and participating in several basic research projects of Shenzhen Science and Technology Innovation Commission. She has published 4 SCI papers, a number of domestic core journals and international conference papers. she has traveled to Europe, America and other countries for academic exchanges.