Zhang Hongzhan
Zhang Hongzhan

Name:Zhang Hongzhan
Title:Deputy Chief Physician
Department:Reproductive Department
Working years:
Technical specialty:clinical diagnosis and treatment of reproductive endocrine disorders and infertility

Personal profile

She is the doctor of Chongqing Medical University, member of the Female Reproductive Medicine Branch of the Chinese Sex Society.

Business areas:

She is expert in clinical diagnosis and treatment of reproductive endocrine disorders and infertility, proficient in clinical techniques of IVF and artificial insemination. She is less professionals in the industry both with embryo culture related technologies and working background of embryo culture room, able to use embryo Develop related technologies. At present, she mainly engages in stratifying infertile populations, optimizing clinical ovulation promotion programs, and conducts clinical research for the purpose of achieving individualized treatment.

Academic Achievements:

She published 12 papers in domestic and foreign core journals, including 2 SCI papers. She went to Reproductive Partners Reproductive Center in the United States in 2012 and to the McGill Reproductive Center in Canada in 2014 for communication and learning.